MASControl3 Resources

5/6/2021 Updated MC3_package:

8/13/2020 CZ2022 weather data in format required for MASControl3 is available here:

6/23/2020 New result-processing scripts updated, new version zip uploaded:

7/29/2019 MC3 training session materials: The following additional resources were used to support an MC3 training session:

9/30/2018 MC3 update: All energy simulations to support DEER2020 were conducted using an updated version of the measure analysis software (MASControl3) (Updated 30 Sept 2018).

Documentation of procedures for installation of the MASControl3 software, processing of results, and addition of new technologies and measures is provided in MASControl3 Processing Guide.pdf. Related support files for results processing can be found in, and support files for addition of technologies and measures can be found in (Updated 30 Sept 2018).


 MASControl3 Versions Change Log

Date Update Notes MASControl3 resources downloads Documentation/Training Materials
6/23/2020 Updated results-processing scripts (weight by Res HVAC types and PA consolidation) MASControl3 Package (with Scripts/Support Tables, and workbooks):

Refer to documents below

7/29/2019 Updated the results-processing scripts, with added examples MASControl3 Package (with Scripts/Support Tables, and workbooks):



9/30/2018 original version, outdated

MASControl3: MASControl3

Scripts/Support Tables:

MASControl3 workbooks:

MASControl3 Processing Guide.pdf

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