Database for Energy-Efficient Resources 

DEER2021 Update

2020-09-16: Two days ago, it came to our attention, that the water heater savings for the BldgType=Com were incorrectly calculated. The DEER water heater calculator was revised (DEER-WaterHeater-Calculator-v4.2.xlsm) and the corrected EnergyImpact records (784 out of 62,145 water heater records) were uploaded to the PEAR and ExAnte databases. The erroneous records have also been removed from both databases and are no longer available for use.

For DEER2021, further updates were made to the following files as of 2020-06-01:

  • The water heater baseline and measure cases were updated using the DEER-CEC-AHRI-WH-binning-TechID-v4.1.xlsx workbook.
  • The water heater calculator, DEER-WaterHeater-Calculator-v4.1.xlsm, was updated to generate new measures using the updated baseline and measure cases and to include the previously missing heat pump water heaters and other water heaters.
  • The water heater calculator documentation was updated and is titled DEER-WaterHeater-Documentation-v4.1.pdf.

The above files are available within the The measures and energy impacts provided within the water heater package will be effective as of 2021-01-01. All prior water heater measures and associated energy impacts will expire as of 2020-12-31.

The DEER2021 Update Resolution E-5009 was adopted on September 12, 2019.

The draft DEER2021 Update Resolution was posted for review and comment July 10, 2019. Comments were due by July 31, 2019 and a webinar (link to the webinar slides) on the changes was presented on July 25, 2019.

The DRAFT DEER Scoping Memo for PY2021 became available for review and comment at on 2019-04-29. Comments were due by 2019-05-13.

All of the updated DEER values can be found in the "Preliminary Ex Ante Review" (PEAR) database, accessible via READI©. However, the adopted the data will–upon finalization of the DEER2021 Resolution–be moved to the Ex Ante database, accessible using the same database interface tool.

  • To view the updated DEER2021 measures and energy impacts, select the "Preliminary Ex Ante Review" (PEAR) database when starting the latest version of READI© (version 2.5.1).
  • On the Measures tab, filter the measure list where SourceDesc contains DEER2021.
  • Notices of changes and updates to the DEER values that occurred while in the review and comment period are posted to the PEAR change log.

The DEER2021 update includes these categories of proposed changes:

  • DEER methodology updates
  • DEER error corrections
  • Review of EM&V studies
  • Review of codes & standards
  • Review of market and research studies
  • New measure additions

More details are provided below.

DEER error corrections DEER 2019 Suspension of below-code NTG adjustment factor The below-code NTG adjustment factor for accelerated replacement (AR) applications has been suspended, effective 2019-01-01 and lasting indefinitely.

Suspend below-code NTG adjustment factor

Per the DEER2021 DRAFT Update Scoping Memo, issued 2019-04-29, the below-code NTG adjustment factor for AR applications has been suspended, effective 2019-01-01 and lasting indefinitely. The DEER2020 Update Resolution E-4952, Section 5.4 introduced the requirement for a below-code Net-to-Gross adjustment factor for accelerated replacement measures. (See DEER2020 Update Resolution E-4952, Section 5.4 Net-to-Gross for Accelerated Replacement Measure, pages A-42 to A-47, This concept was adapted from the “Energy Efficiency Potential and Goals Study for 2018 and Beyond” as a way to adjust for savings already accounted for by Codes and Standards, and potential differences for below- and above-code free-ridership. (See, Aug 23, 2017, Navigant Consulting, Inc.) The adjustment was assumed to be effective for 2019 programs, as part of the general change in Measure Application Type from Early Replacement (ER) to Accelerated Replacement (AR) that was also directed in the Resolution.

However,Energy Division Staff has asked the Program Administrators not to make this change for 2019 claims or for future reporting and filing needs. We have had multiple meetings with utility staff and we appreciate their work, but it would be difficult to make the needed structural data system changes at this time due to limited resource availability and to meet the future reporting schedule. Staff also decided that a manual, interim fix is not desirable given the complications around communicating it to third party implementers, resulting in over/underestimated savings, and uncertainty around tracking and verifying the manual updates. Finally, the portfolio impact of net-to-gross for to-code savings is not clear at this time, as not all PAs appear to have a high presence of accelerated replacement measures in their portfolios. Notice of this change was previously communicated to the PAs via email on 2019-04-16, but will be included in the DEER2021 update resolution to be issued later this year. Comments on the future viability and application of this concept were requested in response to the DRAFT DEER2021 Update Scoping Memo.

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