Preliminary Review Database

The Preliminary Ex Ante Review database (PRdb) is a supplement to the Official Ex Ante database (EAdb). While the EAdb contains the official ex ante data that is available for claims processing, the PRdb provides access to data that the ex ante team has recently developed, is currently reviewing or has newly approved. The best practices database includes data that the ex ante review team considers the best data currently available for the described measures.

Both the EAdb and the PRdb can be viewed using the latest version of READI, the remote ex ante database interface (see the READI page for more information). Both databases utilize the same data structure and contain much of the same data. There are, however, important differences in these databases:

  1. The EAdb contains all of the current ex ante data that can be utilized for energy savings claims.
    The PRdb contains proposed changes and additions to the EAdb that may or may not be incorporated into the EAdb at the next scheduled EAdb update.
  2. The EAdb is compliant with the CPUC change management protocol. Value and structure changes are made only on an announced, scheduled basis (quarterly or annually).
    The PRdb will be updated on a more frequent basis as required to communicate ex ante team findings.
  3. Changes to the EAdb are documented in the DEER change log.
    Significant changes to the PRdb are documented in the Preliminary Review change log or are documented within the database itself.

All of the official ex ante data is included in the PRdb along with proposed changes and additions to the official ex ante data. Proposed changes and additions to the official ex ante data are given a Status of “Proposed”. The ReviewStatus field for these data will identify how the data differ from what is in the official EAdb. The following are examples of these status values:

  • InEA_modValue: the record exists in the EAdb (i.e. all primary key values match a record in the EAdb), some values fields have changed such that the cost-effectiveness values associated with the record have changed.
  • InEA_modDesc: the record exists in the EAdb, some descriptive fields have changed but associated cost-effectiveness values are not impacted.
  • InEA_mod: the record exists in the EAdb, some descriptive and/or value fields have changed.
  • InEA_newPK: the change extends the applicability of existing ex ante data (i.e. the record is a new primary key for an existing ImplementationID, MeasureID or MeasCostID).
  • InEA_removed: the record, which currently exists in the EAdb, is proposed to be removed from the EAdb.
  • NotInEA: the record represents new data not included in the official ex ante database.

In addition, a new field (ReviewComment) indicates how the proposed changes differ from the data in the EAdb.

Workpaper developers are encouraged to check the PRdb for the latest ex ante data developments from other program administrator as well as from the ex ante team. On a quarterly or annual basis, proposed data from the PRdb will be copied to the EAdb and become part of the official ex ante data.