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This table documents significant changes and additions to the Preliminary Ex Ante Review database (PRdb).

Preliminary Ex Ante Review Change Log

Date Change Type Category Subcategory Description Status
2017-11-16 Update Measure Lighting Dispo Two additional measures are included as part of the 2017 Screw-In Lamp Disposition: R-Out-LED-PAR30-Ext(12w)-dWP23 and R-OutCmn-LED-PAR30-Ext(12w)-dWP23. added
2017-08-24 Update Measure Lighting Dispo Two additional measures are included as part of the 2017 Screw-In Lamp Disposition: R-OutCmn-LED-PAR38-Ext(19w)-dWP43 and R-Out-LED-PAR38-Ext(19w)-dWP43. added
2017-08-21 Update NTG Table DEER Update NTG table updated (AFar removed, impacted records adjusted); no NTG values are changed with this update. updated
2017-08-14 Update Measure
DEER Update Clothes washer measures for DEER2017 and DEER2018 have been updated with new pre-existing and code/standard technologies; both the measure definitions and energy impacts have been updated. DEER2019 commercial refrigerant charge measures that increase the refrigerant charge have been updated with new energy impacts; the measure definitions remain the same. updated
2017-08-01 Update Documentation Non-DEER WP Links are added to the Non-DEER Work Papers web page for Ex-Ante Workbooks based on the the Screw-in Lamp disposition and the LED Lamps and Fixtures (WWR) disposition. These workbooks were created using READI and edited to delete irrelevant EnergyImpact records. updated
2017-08-01 Update Documentation DEER update A link to an Ex-Ante workbook for all "June 2017 DEER Update" measures is added to the "Accessing the Updated DEER Data" section on to the web site page for the latest DEER version. This workbook was created with READI and edited to delete EnergyImpact records from previous versions of DEER. updated
2017-08-01 Update Measure DEER update The StartDate field is updated for the 51 "June 2017 DEER Update" HVAC measures where the StartDate value was '1/1/0100' The udpated StartDate value is '1/1/2017'. updated
2017-07-26 Update DEER Tables DEER update The energy impacts for the latest Chiller measures are udpated. The 64 measures have SourceDesc = "June 2017 DEER Update" and the Tech Group = "Chiller". The commercial chiller support files linked on the "DEER2019 and June 2017 updates" web page are also updated. updated
2017-07-17 Update DEER Tables DEER update The NTG table was updated to better clarify the changes included in the latest update. All records with an AFar value are expanded to two records, with the record that does not have an AFar value expiring at the end of 2016. updated
2017-07-17 Update DEER Tables DEER update The residential gas furnace measures are re-defined so that the previous measure versions are retained. The updated energy impact values do not change with this modification, but the previous versions (DEER2013 and DEER2014) energy impacts are restored. updated
2017-07-17 Update DEER Tables DEER update The 4% and 16% under-charge residential refrigerant charge measures that are part of the latest udpate have been marked as Component type measures. These measures were used in the analysis of the measure definitions and are included as background information only. updated
2017-07-17 Update DEER Tables DEER update The description field for the pre-existing technology for Residential HVAC AC measures is updated to correct a typo. "11.7 SEER" is replaced with "11.4 SEER". The energy impacts are not affected by this update. The published support workbook (Res-HVAC-DEER2017-Update-ScaledImpacts.xlsx) is updated to reflect the new description fields. updated
2017-07-14 Update DEER Tables DEER update The energy impacts for the latest Chiller measures are being udpated. The 64 measures have SourceDesc = "June 2017 DEER Update" and the Tech Group = "Chiller". Completed
2017-07-10 Update DEER Tables DEER update The PEAR database contains the DEER2017, DEER2018 and DEER2019 proposed changes. All measure updated or added as part of this latest DEER udpate have a SourceDesc field value of "June 2017 DEER Update". The Net-to-Gross table found under the Support Tables tab is also updated. added
2017-06-30 Update DEER Tables DEER update The PEAR database is currently being updated based on the latest DEER proposed changes. Measures with a SourceDesc field value of "June 2017 DEER Update" and associated Energy Impacts will be changing until the DEER Draft is finalized in early July. expired
2017-06-27 Update NTG table Lighting Dispo & DEER update Additions and changes based on June 2017 DEER Update (added AFar field) and the 2017 Phase 1 Screw-in lamp disposition. added
2016-12-15 Update Implementation
Lighting Dispo LED Lighting Disposition Costs updated based on SCE13LG109 Exterior LED lamp replacement workpaper. Measure descriptions updated. added
2016-11-30 Update Data Dict Documentation The Data Dictionary has been updated. See the Data Dictionary table in the "Other Tables" group of the Support Tables section of READI. Most easily viewed using the Support Tables download button to create an Ex Ante workbook for the table. added
2016-12-03 Addition Measure NonDEER Added a revised "Advanced Power Strip" measure based on exante 2017 data with a StartDate of 1/1/2017. MeasureID: Res-Plg-PwrStrip-Tier2Adv-msr1-v1. The existing measure (Res-Plg-PwrStrip-Tier2Adv-msr1-v0) has been modified to expire on 12-31-2017. Note: the field names for the CFL interactive effects in the table 2017-Res-InLtg-CFL were revised to support this measure and to be consistent with the 2014 version of the table. added
2016-11-16 Addition EUL, Version DEER,NonDEER Added three EUL records: NonRes-Behavioral, NonRes-RCx-Operational, Res-RCx-Operational. The non-residential EULs are based on the previously published decision D.16-08-019, section 3.11. The residential EUL is based on the "Res Smart Thermostat" disposition. Also, added options for the Version field as used by CEDARS to support DEER and ExAnte versions for 2017 and 2018. added
2016-09-28 Addition Classification NonDEER Added classification values to support Uninterruptible Power Supply technologies. The new UseSubcategory is "Power" under the existing UseCategory of "Process Distribution" and the new technology type is "UPS" under the existing technology group of "Electronics". added
2016-08-24 Update Measure
NonDEER Non-DEER Measure and Implementation records with Status = "Other" and Status = "NotAvailable" removed from the PEAR database. All records with Status = "Available" and Status = "Proposed" remain. The removed records were based on data determined to be unapproved or were originally added as example translations of ex ante data that are no longer valid. removed
2016-08-19 Update Measure Disposition Expiry date for 47 LED WRR fixture measures was updated to match the effective date of the July 2016 LED WRR disposition. These measures will expire on 12/31/2016. 41 of the measures are being replaced with new measures which are available in the PEARdb as part of the disposition. The other 6 are not being referenced by any submitted PA workpapers. in PRdb
2016-08-17 Planned Update Measure
DEER2017/18 DEER2018 residential refgrigerant charge measures updated based on response to comments, residential energy impacts updated based on corrections to base case modeling, one chiller measure corrected. See latest documentation on for details. in PRdb
2016-08-10 Planned Update EnergyImpact
IE Support Table
DEER2017/18 Corrected an error with the coincident demand factor (CDF) values for the DEER2017 residential indoor lighting energy impacts and the 2017-Res-InLtg-CFL support table. The CDF values were incorrectly modified as part of the DEER2017 update whereas only the impacts due to updated interactive effects should have been included. in PRdb
2016-07-22 Planned Update IE Support Table DEER2017/18 Added two columns to the 2017 Residential HVAC Interactive Effects support table: Hours of Use (HOU) and Coincident Demand Factor (CDF); aligned column names to be consistent with previous versions of the lighting summary tables. in PRdb
2016-07-20 Planned Update Measure Table
Energy Impacts
  • Residential HVAC Interactive Effects for DEER2017 have been updated based on a fix to the whole-house fan measure and natural ventilation assumptions.
  • DEER2018 commercial lighting measures have been updated to fix an issue with the qualifier.
  • Chiller technology types added to support the new DEER2017 chiller measures.
in PRdb
2016-07-11 Planned Update Measure Table
Energy Impacts
DEER2017/18 Measures and EnergyImpacts supporting the DEER2017 and DEER2018 updates have been added to the PEAR database during the DEER review period. New and updated measures have Version = DEER2017 or DEER2018. See the DEER Versions menu on for more information. in PRdb
2016-06-22 Addition EUL Table
NTG Table
ExAnte2016 Added EUL and NTG records based on PGECOAPP128 Retail Products Platform workpaper. In the NTG table, filter the Documentation field on "PGECOAPP128 Revision 0" and in the EUL table filter the Comment field on "PGECOAPP128 Revision 0" to view the added records. in PRdb
2016-06-14 Correction Measure DEER2015 Updated the DEER2015 Freezer Measure descriptions to match the DEER freezer technology fixes of 2015-12-11. No ex-ante values are impacted. in PRdb
2016-05-19 Update CEDARS Non-ExAnte These updates support new requirements for CEDARS value lists, but do not impact any ex ante values.
  • Updated all CEDARS views to include start and end dates.
  • Added "C&S" delivery type to support CEDARS non-Ex Ante claims submissions.
  • Added "kW" to the NormUnit table to support custom claims in CEDARS.
  • Added "NonSav" classification value to the UseCategory, UseSubcategory, TechGroup and TechType tables to support non-savings claims. See Technology Groups & Types tab in READI for additional TechType entries associated with the non-savings TechGroup.
in PRdb
2016-05-11 Correction GSIA Table Ex Ante Deleted GSIA_ID = PGE-Prop_CFL_0.89; this GSIA record, proposed in an ex ante workpaper, is not used in any published Implementations and is covered by exisitng DEER2011 GSIA entries MFm-ExtCF-PGE and MFm-IntCFL-PGE. in PRdb
2016-05-10 Correction Addition EUL Table DEER2016 Updated residential indoor and outdoor CFL Lamp EUL values to 3.5 years to reflect the DEER2015 Uncertain Measures Update. See last paragraph of page 9 in the 2016 Ex Ante Update for ESPI Uncertain measures for reference. in PRdb
2016-05-10 Addition Interim Approved Workpaper PGE Added missing EnergyImpact table records that support workpaper PGECOLTG162-R4; see log entry of 2016-04-08 for more information. in PRdb
2016-04-08 Addition Interim Approved Workpaper PGE Ex ante data from 19 PGE workpapers have been added to the database supporting nearly 700 Implementations. The data is added based on non-reviewed interim approval; some modifications to the submitted data were required to meet compliance with the ex ante format. The workpapers include:
in PRdb
2016-04-08 Correction LaborRate Table
Two records have the same nominal LaborRate values: NR-MISC and NR-Misc; NR-Misc has been deleted to avoid redundancy (and because NR-MISC was there first). Note: ex ante submissions can use either value as the LaborRate lookup is not case sensitive.
in PRdb
2016-04-07 Additions GSIA Table Commercial Pool Covers
Installation rates from the 2013-2014_PoolCovers_Disposition-1March2013.docx have been added to the best practices database. The GSIA_ID is Pool-Cover-Com.
in PRdb
2016-04-05 Corrections
Lighting Disposition Measures TechLtg_Fixture
Updates applied to Lighting Disposition Measures to fix errors in EUL_ID specification, update Start/Exipry dates based on policy, and add measures that were missing. See ReviewComment in Measure table where Measure table is filtered for Source = 'Lighting Disposition' and ReviewStatus <> 'InEA_same'
in PRdb